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Interested in working the polls on election day? Please fill out the appropriate form below:

Regular applicants must be registered voters

Any students that apply must be at least 16 years of age, and use the second application below

Poll Worker Application

Student Poll Worker Application

When you sign up to work the polls, you are making a commitment. This is a 15 hour work day, so please schedule this ahead of time with your current employer!

We only require that you attend one training class in order to be able to work the polls. If you do not take a class, you will no longer be eligible to work. You are still required to take a class, even if you have worked previous elections!

If you are selected to work the polls, you will receive mail confirmation which will include dates and times for available classes.

Poll Worker Tax Information

Delaware sends W2s to Election Officers who are paid more than $599.99 in a calendar year.

Election Officers paid less than $600, as an Election Officer, will get a W2 if another payment for a service to the State kicks their earnings above $599.99.

Election Officers who do not get a W2 should report their Election Officer earnings on their tax return.